Jan 10, 2011

Spread the Love, Send a Hug, Say a Prayer

A year went by since I wrote this blog post. Last year, this year and coming years, the answer is always love. 2010 took me and the family through a beautiful wedding, truckin' birthday and a Disney trip. It was also the year we had to say good-bye to our good friends who moved back to India. V and I are hoping they will come back this year :).

Everyday since January first, I would say, "Ok let me update my blog today" but never happened. First V was sick for a bit and now I am sick and then tragedy hit our near by town on Saturday and I can not stop thinking about it. It's still raw. Every one is walking around searching for answers to "Why them?", "How can this happen?", "Where are we going like this?", "What can we do?" There are no finite answers and I don't think we can have an answer for any of this madness that will help anyone heal. I wanted to write so many things here today, my anger at some of the stupidest things I have read about the tragedy, idiots who don't know when to shut up and the most ridiculous opportunists I have ever seen. Then I have to stay away from it all because the more attention I give them, the more angry I get and it wasn't helping anyone or anything. So I end with this again:

Spread the Love, Send a Hug, Say a Prayer.

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