May 6, 2013

No He Does Not Watch Them

Thevars went for dinner yesterday evening. While walking us to our table the hostess asked V if he watched any Hindi movies lately (No it wasn't an Indian restaurant. The hostess wasn't Indian either). V had a blank look on his face and to "rescue" him I told her that he doesn't watch Hindi movies and followed it up with a mumbling "He hasn't graduated much from Cars2 and Toy Story 3". This definitely had me thinking though. Because I got the "looks" from few when they find out that V hasn't watched much of Indian movies. We don't let V watch The Expendables, so why I would let him watch Baadshah. And V knows what Hindi language is. If you ask him what it is, he will say, "It's the language my mom and dad use when they have something to say in front of me that I shouldn't know about. It's their secret language."

The thing is though, I don't think V is missing out on any "Indian Culture" by not watching them. Some of the songs and movies lately are like soft-porn and/or make the MTV music videos hang their heads in shame. Yes, they are that bad. I even showed a song to my friend L and she thought the same. Yes, lot of kids watch Indian movies and yes, they are all fine. The Indian culture Prabu and I grew up in taught us that we are not to have "Special Snowflake Syndrome", we are to respect and have good manners. So did the American culture, African Culture, and any other culture that my friends are from. Them and their kids are doing A-ok. And in all honesty, I really want him to enjoy his Dinosaur Train, Octonauts and other silly kids shows. There is plenty of time to watch the crappy movies and stupid shows. What's the rush?

Here is the brat enjoying his Magic Tree House book while waiting for his dinner to arrive.

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