Apr 9, 2008

I am alive

I know it's been a while. Things have gotten a teeny bit crazy with V's fever and all the parents out of town for 2 weeks. Now things seem to be on track but let's see. This could be calm before storm too ;).

We celebrated Telugu New Years on Monday. I uploaded all the pictures to picasa. Click the link on the right :). Next week is Tamil New years. V is slowly starting to talk/sing. He repeats any small words we say. He loves the song Mauja Mauja from my favorite movie ( Yes, after making him hear it for like billion times, it became his favorite). He is also starting to request specific songs for me to sing before his bedtime. It used to be lullabies before but now my man has specific requests. He is getting funnier and cuter by the day.

If you click on the link to the pictures, you will find bunch of train pictures. Last weekend we took this 4 hour train drive that goes through Verde River and it was beautiful. I have a video of V running around on the train, I will try and upload it soon. I think I want to go again :).

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