Apr 28, 2008

Random Ramblings

One paragaraph is not related to the other. I have had these thoughts/write-ups sitting in my drafts folder begging me to post them but they just don't deserve a whole post. So I am including them all Since hubby woke me up with his giganormous snore-fest, I figured this is perfect timing before the neighbor calls cops on us for "huge noise from 1st floor". Where were we? Yeah the random stuff.

Rambling 1:

So it is true that "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". Dolls went to Vegas and hasn't said a single thing about the trip except that it's "awesome" and several other adjectives which pretty much mean the same :). I cannot blame her because I would do the same ;). Sometimes, you enjoy certain things so much that you feel talking about it ruins the feeling (well I don't know about you but I feel that way). So we turned away from Vegas and talked about men. There's always plenty to discuss about them :). I was telling her how I usually tell Prabu what I want and they get it. Dolls was saying that I should go get it myself instead of asking. Well the thing is I got sucked into the "If you tell us what you want, it makes it easier on us". Now after talking to her, I am starting to think men are just lazy and use that phrase as an excuse. I mean you should be able to figure it out after a while, don't you think. If not, don't feel bad when I buy my own gifts.

Rambling 2:

I will be 27 in a week and it finally hit me that I am getting old. I had a good run so far and am hoping to have good run going forward. Am I afraid of getting older by a year? No. Everyone keeps telling me that I won't feel the same way after I turn 30 , well you never know. I might still feel the same way. I used to feel like I am the youngest in the house, now I have a kid and my cousins are slowly getting married one after the other in India and when they call me asking for something, it hits me that I am their older sister :). Funny I tell ya.

Rambling 3:

I finally shopped for my birthday. I just need to get me some new glasses and make-up and I will be set. Birthday is just an excuse. I think I need some sort of validation for my own sanity to get the "Chic mommy" award. Pregnancy not only leaves you with a flabby stomach, wacky hormones and stretch marks but also with guilt, self-esteem and control issues.

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Dolly Patel said...

I'm not saying go out and get a car or thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, but yeah if you want a lil something, def. go get it?! :)