Mar 27, 2008

He said, She said...

Since mom is back, Prabu and I sneaked out for a drink last night after V slept. Here is how it went down:

He: I am so sorry, I have been working really long hours and haven't been much help around the house.

She: Not a big deal. So what do you want for anniversary. It's our 5th you know.

He:I don't want anything. You know that. What do you want?

She: I was hoping we can go to Paris.

He: I was thinking we should go in December. V would be 2 by then, and it might be easier on him and us.

She: hmmm.... yeah sounds good.

He: What do you want for gift? Paris trip is not gift.

She: Well, I was thinking of getting a platinum wedding band (muttering under breath with diamonds)

He: Definitely. This anniversary, I will buy you whatever you want and that's my promise.

She (thinking in her head): I got one sucker to myself. Tiffany's here I come ;).

There is nothing better than making your man promise stuff for you when he is in a good mood and had a drink. I propose all you ladies out there try it ;).

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