Nov 27, 2010

Missed Oppurtunity

I was at our local outlet mall today. What else would I do on a long weekend ;). I was trying on some shoes when this girl came by and says while passing by, "Hi, just wanted to say hi because I saw you at Nordstrom Rack yesterday and thought it was funny I see you again in Saks today". Before my "Hi, how are you" ended she walked away. She was a desi too and probably felt weird at herself for coming and saying hi.

Now here I am kicking myself for not talking more to her. It happened so fast that I was trying to collect my thoughts before she left. Dang, should have had a conversation and made friends with her, considering I have none in this desert and it definitely looked like we both have similar taste in clothes/shoes;). Oh well, may be I will see her in Nordstrom Rack again :).

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