Nov 28, 2010

What's In A Name?

Apparently a lot. V is into "Pretend play" a lot these days and he expects every one in the house to call him by his 'charecter' name the day he is playing it. God forbid we call him Vikram. We will then be given a short lecture on why he is what he is that day and so we should not call him Vikram if we need him for something. Thought I would share some of the names/charecters for your entertainment :)

Police Officer Man Vikram (Do not ask me why/what)

Pirate Boat Vikram (what is wrong with me just calling him Pirate Vikram?)

Yoda Vikram

The Stig (From the show Top Gear on BBC)

Karate Master

Chef Vikram (This is my favorite for obvious reasons :))

Truck Driver

And a recent addition. This might be the weirdest thing:). Patient Vikram. Oh yeah, he made me the doctor and him the patient. Here's some proof for ya'll;)

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