Jun 11, 2007

4 years ago today

and now...

Time flies. Thanks to everyone who emailed and called in to wish us. Prabu and I took V out for dinner;). Not that he could eat Chicken Kebobs and hummus, but hey we tried. He did enjoy the restaurant though. He kept laughing and entertaining us all the while we were there. He also wants me to tell you all that he helped me today in making rice pudding for his dad by not getting off my shoulder all the while I was trying to make it before Prabu came home:). He even said "aa...ooooo" couple of times, which I took as saying, "That's enough milk mom. Add some more Jaggery in there."

Talking about V, he is sitting on his own.

Also, I didn't mean to scare and cause any concern by posting about my thyroid issue. I was just showin' off the fact that I do get "high scores" in tests ( pun intended;)). I am on medication and doing good. Now my mom and I have one more thing in common. We take the same exact medicine;).

More Pictures:).

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