Jun 21, 2007

Awesome Movie

Saritha and I saw Sivaji last night. Total paisa vasool movie. Paisa Vasool meaning - worth the 16 bucks I spent on the ticket. Yes it's a tad bit more than the regular movie. I went in expecting nothing but 3 hours of fun and fluff and nothing to think about and that's exactly what I get. I thought it was better than all the Rajni films I have seen so far. Manish Malhothra could have done a better job with the heroine's costumes. I thought he moved away from the bikini tops and side slit lehengas but guess not. At the end, who cares ;). I can definitely watch it again.

V is trying to hold on to things and stand and is getting tad bit naughtier. Refusing to sleep till 10 in the night and all that fun stuff. Me trying to give him quiet down time form 8 to 8.30 so he can sleep by 8.30 is not working so far. But I keep trying:).

Chaitu is here for this weekend. May be we should hit the outlets this weekend. Haven't been to the mall in ages and I am in the market for new hand bag , new clothes and new anything and everything ;).

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