Jun 8, 2007

"It's not me hon, it's the thyroid."

That's what my doc said I should tell Prabu if I find myself angry or crying for no reason again:). I went in for a follow up for my thyroid issues. Basically, my TSH levels have not only hit the roof, they are flying up above the sky. The normal TSH level is anywhere between 0.5 to 5 and mine is 322.LOL. So I come out of the exam room and another doctor was passing by in the hall way and he says to me, "Are you the one with a TSH of 322?" Ok, I am now very famous in my doctor's office. I couldn't help but let a wide grin. He is like, "I am glad to see you smile and be chirpy." Apparently when you have that high levels, you are just tired and are not that smiley, let's just put it at that. I was laughing and telling Prabu the whole thing and he didn't think it was that funny. Poor guy was all worried. I had to tell him to relax and I will be taking medication and should be fine. Why shouldn't I be happy? I can now fight with him more and just blame it on.... thyroid;).

V is starting to move around the room a lot. I added some pictures here.

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