Jun 17, 2007


of a title and I cannot come up with one. But let's get to business.

Happy Father's day to all the daddios out there:). Kamalakar mamayya and attayya are having an awesome time on their Alaskan Cruise. I cannot wait to hear the details when they come back. As far as I know, they were supposed to be on this cruise like a billion years ago but never gotten around to take the time off. Glad they are finally on that ship and away from the crazy us ;).

Ravana dodda left back for India today and my mom is very sad that she cut her trip short. What can I say? Life sucks some times and you just gotta deal.

We got all dressed up today and went to a housewarming party. If you click on the "Vikram's Pictures" link on to the right you can see updated pictures. V is starting to crawl fast and now he just wants to stand up. Me telling him to take it easy is not seeming to work:).

And, Iniya is one month now. Can you believe it? Now I have to start bugging her parents for more new pictures:)

That's all for now. Nighty night.

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