Jun 9, 2007

He's gonna do it....

V is gonna crawl in 3 to 4 day I think. He is gonna be 7 months in 5 days and I think he is going to crawl by then. It's just too funny to watch him move around the room. He is starting t o sleep less and play more, even grabbed the remote and turned the TV on(I think he just pressed random buttons and it just turned on).

Vitti, Vani and kids are here for a visit. V is having a blast playing with his Srikar and Vibhu Bava. We went to an Indian restaurant in Phoenix today to celebrate Ramani Dodda's birthday. We were the only Indians in that place ( I forgot I wasn't in somerset;)).

Prabu has been busy all week with work. As I was telling Manga Aunty today, I think this is just a prelude to, "Sorry hon, I didn't have time to get you anything for our anniversary. You have seen how busy I was." ;).

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