Jul 8, 2007

Another week and yet another weekend

I am so surprised how fast days are going by. When I quit my job and decided to stay at home, I thought I would have plenty of time to do lot of things. Even with mom helping around talking care of V and house and all, I still could use 26 hour days once in a while. I have been doing lot of cooking lately which is such a stress reliever ( for me).

V is standing more and crawling less. He is teething and that's not really fun. Prabu had to carry him from one room to the other before he fell asleep. Poor thing cried a lot ( V not Prabu;)). We took him out today to our community pool. He had his swimming diapers and off we went to this little area for kids where there is just sand and water. He was more interested in watching everyone around than play in the water:). That's one of my "things-to-do-when-I-get-a-car", get me and V into swimming lessons. Hello, I am Sowjanya and I don't know how to swim :).

Here are this month's pictures ( Including V in his Nemo swim diaper).

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