Jul 15, 2007

"What did you do?"

Our friends' Sarita and Som's daughter Siddhi keeps saying that often. "What did you do?" It's so cute the way she says it. What did I do this weekend? Just stayed home and relaxed. The more meals I am making at home, the less I want to go out to eat. This is when Prabu should come in and say "Thank you". The guy is not a big fan of eating out :).

V is becoming very clingy. He wants me around him all the time:). I say that with so much pride. I am not complaining at all:). Mom says, we should try to make sure he is not so clingy with me. But what the heck. He is not going to be like that for ages. This is just such a short period, so I might as well enjoy. I am sure there will be days where I want him to give me a hug and he will say something like, "Give me a break mama, you are embarrassing me."

He is standing on his own for 3 seconds without any support. The guys hardly crawls. Mom and dad set August 18th for his annaprasana. If you are in town or want to make a trip , try to come around that time :).

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SteamyKitchen said...

Cherish those clingly stages!

In a few years, you'll have to bribe him with candy, gifts and toys to come sit on your lap!