Jul 20, 2007

Good Morning

Mom is flying out to NJ in a week. She will be gone for 2 weeks. More work for me:). It's so wonderful to have her around. I cook and she takes care of Vikram. It's been working out great (who said Spoiled brat?)

The potluck was nice. The veggie pulao I made was so darn spicy. It was nice after a long time. Haven't cooked anything that spicy in recent months.

I might have to go for furniture shopping. Looks like my company might send me a desktop to work with ( They still exist?),and so I need a table. I could hear Prabu jumping up and down in the back saying, "Ikea". I still haven't figured out, if he likes the furniture in that store or their meatballs.

You all have a great morning, I am off now as V is waking up.

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