Jul 30, 2007

No no not MIA

I haven't gone missing ( even though I wish I did). Was buried deep in filing citizenship applications for the familia and making a load of appointments for me with the CT scan, an FNA and a surgeon. No nothing terrible happened. To make sure there is nothing wrong with my thyroid, I have to go through all these horrible tests. All the results came fine and I am meeting the surgeon again this week to "discuss" the reports. Boy, doctors love to do this :).

Off to the fun part now. It's getting so hard to make V sit in one place to put that darn diaper on. The second we put him down, strap on one side he is running off. Want proof?

My boy is just a riot. hahaha

Mom is leaving for Jersey today. She will be back on the 10th. We are going to miss her. V is now slowly starting to get to a stage where he just doesn't want anyone to leave the house. Every Monday morning, it's a new thing for him. Till last week, he would know that when Prabu wears his shoes, he is going to work. I take him out, we wave bye and he is fine. But today, when Prabu was leaving, V just wanted to go with him and was crying after Prabu left. It's just sad :(. Glad I am not going out to work and working from home.

Working reminds me, I think I might have to submit a resignation letter to Prabu and Chaitu asking them to relieve me from being their Personal Assistant (insert obvious wink and eye roll here).

Patti called me last weekend and boy was I jealous. She was having dinner at this awesome brazilian place in downtown Newark ( their shrimp dish is to die for) with Rosa and Jackie. Argh! I miss being in Jersey and my girls.

Alright, let me call it off now, V just woke up :). Later when he is napping again ;).

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