Jul 18, 2007

Pimp My Ride ;)

I got it for V today. We cannot figure out yet who is excited about this new toy, him or us.

Got my offer letter today. It's official. I am starting work in 25 days. I have got mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it's pretty exciting, on the other I am tad bit nervous about "managing-it-all" ( My ego comes in between to accept I am completely nervous ;)). Whoever lost bets to Kamalakar mamayya on this please pay up. He bet that I won't be staying home without a job for long. Here is my advice. Never bet with him about me. He is right about me all the time ;).

We are having a potluck at Sarita's tomorrow. I am making couple of Indian dishes. Will post recipes later on. Food reminds me, I just saw another episode of Top Chef on Bravo. Someone please get Padma a stylist. I know she is a model and blah blah blah but her dressing sense is just yuck. May be I should call Stacy and Clinton on her.

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