Mar 8, 2008

Someone Stop Me

I am watching Vivah for the 3rd time in a row(that makes it 15th time in total). I am so flipping addicted and weird. I know. Thanks for your assurance.

Prabu is out at work. I know it's close to midnight but his whole team is there doing some "going live" business ( ask me if I care ;)). I am at home and dreaming about being in NJ and hanging out with Dolls with a Mojito in hand. I really have to start working on convincing Dolls to move here. I miss my girls much more at times like this.


Dolly Patel said...

:) Girl, I just moved back to NJ. I'm not moving away anymore. :) You know I'm only a phone call away!

Coffee said...

I must have watched that movie almost the same numder of times and I still can!! :)