Mar 7, 2008

Why WWF or WWE?

I still call it WWF. Even though they changed it to WWE, for me it will always be WWF. I started watching this fighting thing back in India. Those were the days when Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin were in the game. Prabu was shocked in the beginning to know I love this show. I could imagine him being surprised because I never ever watch any violent movies and I usually forward any fighting scenes from the movies I see. Then why do I watch this?

Because it's pure entertainment. The plots, the sub-plots, the cute fighters and their outfits is all what that makes it. You don't see blood as often as you see in any Indian or American movie fights. I actually come out with a sense of peace after watching. Call me weird now. I am human and there are times when people I interact with piss me off and I want to smack them. Since I cannot and don't do that, I live myself through this WWE show :).

Enough rambling, let me go watch my wrestle-mania. They got Triple H back :)

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