Aug 4, 2007

Bowling baby

Prabu's office had a get together of employees and their family at this bowling place yesterday night. It was so much fun. Bowling after 5 years was good. Getting back into your size 2 jeans 8 months post-delivery is priceless:). V was such a good boy yesterday. he wore his favorite "Daddy's Team" shirt and was too cute. We all went to mall today so that I can find some decent clothes. But found none. I am not liking this silk and crappy looking material. Do these companies seriously think no body looks at the material anymore?

Mom is having a great time in NJ. She met V's girlfriend. We know her name but that's just how we call her ;). While mom is in NJ, I am getting better and better at multi tasking. The only thing I still haven't figured out is how to eat lunch at proper time without V having to throw a tantrum :).

I will post some pictures tomorrow. Right now I am going off to check some clothes online. I seriously wanna spend some money.

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