Aug 21, 2007

Arizona - 0, NJ - 1

I didn't want to say this in the last post and make it all weepy so here.

It was very weird having the Annaprasana for V without the family around. Don't get me worng :). Mom, dad and Chaitu were there and so were our friends and we had a greta time. But it was just strange not having Attayya, Mamayya, Madhu, Rajan, Leela, Aki, Siva and all. It's just not the same without our usual gang ;). There was no telugu, tamil, english language confusion. There was no , "Sowjanya is helping the economy by buying gold" comment by mamayya. And I couldn't even call Aki to tell her to wear matching saree along with me. Felt weird, I tell ya :)

I don't want to leave this post on a sour note so here are beautiful pictures of Ananya Sarkar.

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