Aug 19, 2007

First Rice Feeding

Anna Prasana ( rice feeding) went fine yesterday. My boy was ready with all the bling bling :).

Here is how the ceremony breaks down. Maternal Uncle (in this case Chaitu) should feed the baby a sweet sticky rice 3 times. And then we place 5 different things on the floor to see which one the kid picks up first. Each signifies something. We placed book, pen, cash, gold and butter knives. If he touches :

Books - He will be good in college
Pen - He will become a writer
Cash - He will become a businessman
Gold - He just loves his moneys ;)
Knives - He will be a thief ( Who comes up with this coughcoughcrapcoughcough)

So V grabbed book with one hand and cash with the other.

I posted pictures here. Here is my favorite.

We had Saritha, Som, Siddhi, Pallav and Monica over for lunch. I made quiet a few dishes for lunch. Will post recipes later.

Prabu, Chaitu and I went out for a drive later in the evening. We had coffee and then forgot where we parked the car and ended up looking for it for 25 minutes. At one point, I was hoping the car was stolen ;). Why? because during coffee it was decided that I will have to wait for a house because market is going down and that I don't need a car since I am working from home and Prabu is always there for me 24/7 as my personal "I-will-take-you-wherever-you-want" guy. And you thought I get everything I wanted ;)

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