Aug 7, 2007

Blah blah and blah

That's how I feel. Just blah. Getting tired too soon and not interested in anything and everything. I need some shopping therapy. Last 2 weekends shopping didn't do it for me as I couldn't get anything I liked. May be some online shopping therapy should do. I miss the old days. Just go to mall, pick what you like and walk out. Now I have to watch what I buy because I am a 26 year old mother and gotta dress decent(Not that I am interested in fish net stockings). I just don't see myself shopping in forever 21 or even gap anymore. As you could see, last few posts have been about clothes. I think I am going to do something. Get a sewing machine, patterns, fabric and make my own clothes the way I like. You want one? I will let you know when I open the shop.
Forget shopping therapy. I might go get some hair therapy once mom is back.

Here are some pictures of V that I posted today. I think that's the major perk of being a mom. No matter how blah you feel, you look at this little dude and you just smile and forget everything. It's not a bad deal after all :).

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