Sep 19, 2007

And the fun begins!

The first question other parents seem to ask us is this: "Is V sleeping through the night?" SO far the answer from us was this :"No problem at all. He sleeps just fine." And now we jinxed it. he still sleeps through the night ( touch wood) but has been trying not to sleep at all to start with. His usual sleep time used to be 7.30 PM. Now he nicely pushed it to 9 PM. And I am the only one in the family who believes in letting him sleep on his own so it's hard to do that too.

Tonight was no exception. he was so sleepy but refused to sleep. I asked Prabu if he would take him out for a drive since he is on his way to drop Chaitu at the airport. He said, it wasn't such a good idea because then we would have to put him in the car seat and back and all that. . Guess what happened. I became a car. As soon as they left, V started crying and he was sleepy. I put him in the car seat, put the car seat on his stroller and .....I ran. Yes my dear friends and family, I ran with the stroller like I was the car to give him the feeling he was in a car. He slept . Hallelujah! I ran about 5 times around my apartment block and he slept. He is now transfered to his bed from the car seat and the verdict is that he didn't get up yet.

Phew! What a relief:). I kept circling my own apartment because I was too scared to run all over the neighborhood at night;). So there you go. next time, your kid doesn't sleep, get yourself a workout. Or if you don't have kids and want a full work out, call me. I will lend you Vikram for a night ;)

PS: Always listen to what I say. I am usually right ;).

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