Sep 13, 2007

Shake Shake Shake

That's what I do now a days to make V laugh. He is teething and poor thing is in pain. He cries a lot now a days. We try(ied)everything to sooth him but the one thing that makes him laugh in the middle of his crying is his momma picking him and saying "Shake Shake Shake" and dancing with him. He thinks it's hilarious. Oh kids:).

I am off for the day from work. Not that I wanted to but V came in to play in my room and decided I worked enough so, he turned my desktop off. So I played with him and now he is taking his mid-evening nap.

Thanks again for checking up on me after the surgery. I am actually doing great. I still have to drink using a straw ( throat hurts when i try to drink from a bottle)but apart from that I am back to normal. I am back to my cooking, cleaning, laundry doing, working, taking care of my baby super woman self. Hells yes! I am boasting of my capabilities. Why the heck not? We don't have super woman or super mom awards so I might as well give myself one;). If you are one of us reading this, please pat yourself on your back because you deserve and you are good at it. And all you men out there reading this, please go make a margarita or a martini for your gal, she deserves one.

I am going to update my recipe blog soon too. Since mom went all healthy and diet on us, we are actually doing pretty good. Even dad's food habit's have changed. He no longer needs oil and onion based curries. He is enjoying lettuce wraps and corn salad as much as chole and potato fry. And while we are on the topic of food, I just want to reiterate this again ( and I will do this again and again). Please do not go out and buy anything that has a label of "curry powder" on it. Adding that doesn't make a dish "Indian" or "reduce cancer". It tastes horrible and there is no "authentic"ness to a dish once you add it. I will elaborate more on this later on my recipe blog but for now just enjoy your dehydrated alu gobi and chole.

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