Sep 24, 2007

Come up with your own title

We spent the weekend stocking up the fridge with veggies and pantries with groceries and V's baby food since Prabu was going away for 2 weeks. Saturday night Prabu and I snuck out on a late night date after V slept (Note to self: Biyaching on your own blog helps). We went to a bar and I made the mistake of ordering dinner. Another note to self: Never order Risotto from a place that makes their own beers. It was like pilaf with water. I could sooo teach them how to make risotto. May be I should have offered. It was the worst dish I ever had. The drinks were so-so. But, I did enjoy the outing. It was just nice to sit and relax and chat with hubbs.

Prabu is away on a business trip. He won't be back for 2 weeks. V was all crying and cranky today. It was so sad to see him the evening. He kept looking into our bedroom to see if his appa came home. Mom and Som said that he is missing Prabu. I am in denial. I just keep thinking 10 month olds don't know much yet (I know I am wrong;)). V did give Prabu a kiss on the phone(by licking the phone)

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