Sep 21, 2007

Friends, acquaintances, buddies,......

I don't want to know the difference between each, neither do I have the interest to look it up on for a difference. I am sitting here in my bed, watching one of my favorite man's movie ;) and got to thinking about friends. Prabu is out with his buddy and that's another reason for this thought(s).

In Jersey, I had Jay, Dolly and Anu. It was fun. Now I am here, it's like all by myself. As much as I like my solitude, sometimes you just feel the need for someone to go out to dinner, drink or just a movie. I found out that there are few more who work from Arizona virtually for the same company I work for. I tried reaching them but we just couldn't schedule anything. Oh well!

Now I am going to say something corny, get ready. You do miss your people when you are away from them. I wish I could call Dolly right no and tell her to meet me on Stelton road for a coffee, or tell Jay to fly down for a weekend;). I think, after 8 years in this country now I feel why all the H-1 wives who come here immediately complain about how much their life sucks because they feel so alone. It's true, you do need a friend once in a while. Blah blah, your significant other is your best friend blah blah but you do need a friend so you can bitch about your husband and kid or just to discuss the top chef episode.

May be I should sign up for a cooking class or better yet teach one.

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