Sep 5, 2007

Bragging time

Ok, I was all nervous about the surgery on Friday and now I feel better. I had a 10 minute talk with the nurse at my surgeon's office and she made me feel a whole lot better (Now I don't have to work too hard on that will anymore). So no more blah posts. let me write some fun stuff.

So off to some bragging. V is able to show fan and TV when we ask him where they are. It's so cute the way he raises his head and looks at the ceiling fan. He is starting to mouth stuff but we cannot understand jack :). He is also getting to be stubborn and throwing small tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants. He has yet to learn that we are more stubborn and him throwing a tantrum doesn't convince us much:).

More good news: Amma and Appa ( Prabu's parents) said they would like to come back with me in December to visit us. Yayyy. That is super exciting. I didn't get a chance to spend my childhood with my mom's parents much so I have no memories of them. I spent most my time with my nayanamma ( My dad's mom) and I so cherish them till today. And now I am just so glad V gets to spend good time with both sets of Grand parents.

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