Sep 30, 2007

I need ......

a big FAT vacation. Well you see, depending on the day of the week I have anywhere between 1 - 5 kids to take care of. So I am very stressed. Taking care of Kid # 1 (Vikram) is much much easier than taking care of my other 4 kids (My mom, my dad, Prabu and Chaitu). With V, I can distract him from his tantrums with a stroll around the park or just by tickling him. The other four, I have to start putting them on long time outs;). I am going to just go ahead and books us some tickets to Italy for 2008 summer and call it my gift to Mr. Husband for our 5th anniversary ;).

So how you guys been? We had a busy weekend. Went to the mall on Friday. Another major whining ahead, so please walk away if you had enough of me for today. Arizona's malls suck. I am so pampered by jersey's malls, these things here are just yuck. How hard is it to have decent stores around. Yesterday we did little grocery shopping and all and stayed home. Prabu left for Atlanta again today.

Prabu gave me the good news that their office move to a different city in Arizona itself. It might happen sometime in January. I am so close to hating this whole moving thing. I guess the good thing is it's not to another state ( in which case, I would have waved him good bye and told him to go by himself ;)). We will be starting serious house hunting the minute we come back form India trip. I do not want to move to another apartment near his new job and then move into a house again. I like to spend my time being a spoiled brat and enjoying sunny days of AZ instead of sweating like crazy by carrying heavy boxes around.

Ok, I am off to go check if that thing I threw in my room is working or not. What can I say? Parent's get on your nerves ( V is probably thinking the same thing right now in his sleep):)).

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Dolly said...

So much for Prabu's company moving to NJ. hahaa..u could have gotten me and the jersey mall in that case. :p