Mar 23, 2007


Whenever we have cricket on, my mom refuses to move away from the TV. Especially if it's India playing:). We saw India Vs. Sri Lanka match today. Very disappointing because Sri Lanka won by 69 runs. Whether they lost or won, these cricket matches bring back fond memories of my childhood. When ever there was a match, my dad would pick me and Chaitu from school while we were still in our classes and we would take out lunch and go home. As I said Mom refuses to move so no cooking when there is a match on:). I don't dislike the game but I am not a huge fan like my mom either. I was just happy with no school for couple of hours and take out food.

I made a quick lunch today. Yes my lunches are always quick. It doesn't take me more than an hour to make it. I probably have to thank my 10 inch knife for it:). I also made blackeyed peas fritters in the evening because it was raining and it would be nice to have some fried stuff with coffee while watching the rain and the cricket game.

I didn't take any pictures of V today as he was being Mr. K Pants ( "K"ranky). However I am going to post one that I just came across today. Chaitu took this on the morning of Lakshmi Dodda's 60th birthday

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