Mar 22, 2007


Babloo Anna and Julie stopped by in the morning on their way to Conneticut. Mom made dosas and we also had left over avocado puris(very simple. just mix a ripe avocado in the wheat flour). Babbi brought up my favorite topic. How did my mom and dad meet and how they got married. The story feels fresh every time I hear it. We also went through Babbi and Julie's love story. Did I tell you it was fun?:)

We packed another box yesterday. That brings us to a total of 3 boxes packed. I shouldn't say we. Mom is packing the boxes, while I give her all the stuff that goes into the box. If you ask me to pack, I will probably need 100 boxes for just one room cause I am that bad.

So if you are in the neighborhood, just stop by. Not for packing but just so we can see you before we leave. It might be hard for us to make the rounds with V and the amount of stuff we have that needs to done. Mover's are coming on April 9th to take the stuff which leaves us with 17 days to do the packing, cleaning and discarding the junk. Not to mention the last minute doctor's appointments and all.

I made a quick lunch today. Tomato rasam and drumstick curry. Here is the recipe for the curry.

And a picture of V that I took just now. It was hot in the house so my man wanted to just hang out in the onesie.

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