Mar 19, 2007

Fun Weekend

Saturday morning was spent shopping for groceries, gifts etc. We went to Rajesh and Priya's for dinner that day. V was very cranky and we had to come home early. Since they live right behind our house, it was easy for us to just bring V home and put him to bed.

Sunday was the big surprise party for Lakshmi Dodda. Here is the thing with surprise parties. Every single person who knows about it makes up beautiful stories to cover it up. After the surprise is over the birthday girl gets to listen to how everyone planned it and all the faux stories fall in their place. Thats exactly how this party was too. Dodda had happy tears in her eyes and that's what shows that she had no clue about it and she was very happy:). Peddananna joined us on the phone from India:).

V over all was very good at the party. Leela, Maya, Ayana, Kiran ( Kanaka AUnty's Grandson), Siddharth were there to play with him. Leela and Maya are inseparable. When time comes for them to leave, it's just too sad. Maya doesn't want to go home leaving her Leela Akka behind and Leela won't let her little sister go home. Ayana laughed for the first time yesterday. It was just too precious.

On the way back from the party we dropped in at Aki and Siva's house. Had an awesome dinner from Bombay Talk. It was nice to see them after a while.

We got a picture of Vidyuth on our cell on saturday. He is too cute and we think he looks just like Setu:). And yes Vidyuth is the name Viji and Setu chose for their son. The minute I figure out how to upload the picture form cell to PC, I will let you know:).

Before I post the pictures one last piece of news. The movers are coming to take the stuff from our house on 9th of April. We will probably leave a week or 2 after that.

Lakshmi Dodda, V with Kumar Babai, Nagu Pinni-mom-Lakshmi dodda-Jaya Pinni

Leela and Maya with their new haircuts, Maya-Kiran-Leela, Siddharth

You can see more pictures from the party here and here

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