Mar 11, 2007


Finally got sucked into the blogging world. It's not a bad thing. Now my in- laws who are several thousands of miles away from us can read as to what's going on with us and mostly what Vikram is upto. The weekend calls that we have is not enough anymore.

We took Vikram to Kami's birthday party yesterday. He was very well behaved. Before we were able to take some pictures of him at the party he slept off. I managed to take some pictures of everyone. Here are some. Today we will be taking Vikram to Olive Garden for Lakshmi Ammamma's 60th Birthday.

We finalized the movers and are ready to leave NJ by April 3rd week. We are very excited about it as we get to spend more time with Prabu now. Before we were seeing him only over the weekends. I will update with our final move dates soon.


speri said...

what a great idea! now i can follow the family shenanigans from afar...

request for pics of vikram, please.

Lakshmi said...

Hi Souju,
Thanx for the wonderful gift, and the blog is a great idea. Keep up the good work going, to keep up the family integrity, in the far-off world.
God bless U.