Mar 24, 2007

Weekend again:)

Prabu and I went to Bridgewater temple in the morning. Again, for the 4th time in a row we couldn't get the "Darshanam" ( viewing) of the main God, Mr. Venkateswara Swami. Today we were in by 9Am. Last couple of times were different timings too. They are always doing something or the other behind the closed curtains. I guess even God needs a break on weekends. But the thing is, this God's timings seem to suggest that he works on weekends and takes rest on week days. Oh well!

We took V to meet Tavathia Uncle in the afternoon. It was nice to see him after a long time. He treated us with Tastee subs for lunch. That sub place is awesome. We used to go there for lunch when Prabu and I were working for Horizon companies in Edison.

Chaitu, Prabu, and mom were busy in packing rest of the evening while I was busy cooking. Chaitu wanted a vegetable dish because he's been eating meat whenever he is out on business tour. Prabu wanted a "Home made" non vegetarian dish. So I sent them grocery shopping. The final result is this dinner I made tonight.

I took this picture of V before he went to bed just now. He finally started touching the monkey and parrot on his gymini:).

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