Mar 21, 2007

Restaurant Review

My girl Dolly does Hindi and English movie reviews on her blog. It's fun to read those because then I can figure out, if I want to watch that movie or not:).

I will start doing Tamil and Telugu movie reviews pretty soon but for now I am going to stick with restaurant reviews:). Chaitu, me and Prabu went to a Chettinad restaurant called 'Aachi's'(meaning 'Grandma's' in tamil) on talmadge Road in Edison. Looks like a brand new place. Since we went for lunch on a weekend, it was buffet style. Service was very good. The crew was very cheerful and enthusiastic which is hard to find in Indian restaurants in NJ that I have visited. They had huge pictures of chettiyar style houses which was very interesting.

The food as good. The biryani did not have much taste other than being spicy. The appetizers and curries was very good. I loved the chicken tikka masala. The chicken was cooked just right. Prabu and Chaitu kept getting second and third servings of their dry lamb masala. Over all nice experience.

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