Mar 29, 2007

Tickets are booked

Mom,dad,me and V are leaving on sunday, April 22nd from newark airport. Flight departs at 7.40pm:). Movers are leaving on the 9th with our things. It should arrive in phoenix between 18 and 21:). So we are pretty much set as of yet.

I packed 3 boxes in the garage all by myself without mom's help today. Lovely you say:). Together now the packed boxes count is close to 18 I think. Gotta go count again.

V rolled over during his tummy time. Mom says it's not exactly rolling over cause he was on his tummy and he just "fell". I said I refuse to accept that theory cause he did not just "fall" all these days when we were putting him on his tummy. Huh!!!

Here are some pictures for today before I move on to more boxes. He loves sucking his fingers.

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