Oct 2, 2007


It's been crazy 2 days. Dishwasher went crazy on Sunday night. I had water spilling all over my kitchen. Ended up cleaning the whole kitchen. I think even the dishwasher knew I was behind my kitchen cleaning ;). Prabu always wondered why I need 12 pack dish towels. "Honey, come home. You will know why."

Monday morning, we got news from India that my uncle (Dad's sister's husband)passed away in Vijyawada. We were kinda expecting the news as he was on dialysis and all but still a shock to my parents and they are really sad. I might make a trip to Vijaywada when I am in India. I would like to See my aunt and introduce Vikram to her. I hate feeling that my V never had a chance to meet my uncle and now I don't want to think my aunt never met him too. Sucks over all.

I think with young kids around, sometimes you do not and cannot be sad for a long time, which is good sometimes. V is learning a new word each day and does goofy thing every day and keeps us cracking up. He hardly drinks milk anymore and hates rice cereal. All he wants now is rice, lentils, vegetables and more rice and vegetables. I got brown rice and whole wheat couscous. I think it's time to introduce some whole grains. Just plain rice is not gonna cut it any more :).

I haven't gotten a chance to upload pictures yet. I promise to do it soon :).

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