Dec 31, 2007


It was dad's birthday on Christmas day and Prabu's the next day. Both the boys got clothes and home-made meals as gifts. Dad didn't want to make a big deal out of his birthday so we kept it that way. For Prabu, I made Chicken Biriyani and took it to his work for his lunch along with some balloons. He took the lunch but said, "No thanks" for the balloons. He didn't want to be embarrassed by taking in the balloons to work ( What's wrong with you men;)?).

Then I came home and took the grandparents out for shopping so they can buy something for Prabu. Once home, I started my cooking 6 different appetizers and a chocolate cake from scratch. Does this whole post sound like I am tooting my own horn? Well good, because that's how I intend it to be because I never worked that hard in the kitchen. Did he appreciate all the effort I put in? I don't know, go ask him ;).

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