Dec 24, 2007

I am right here

I didn't disappear into darkness. V's getting a tad better by the day. I have been very occupied with the usual working, cooking, cleaning and other domestic diva things. Mom and dad arrived from India today. Dad's turning 60 tomorrow:). I haven't bought him any real gift except some clothes. It's so hard to buy gifts for men (except my brother). Prabu's birthday is day after tomorrow and I haven't bought a thing. Actually that is the gift I am giving him this year. Not spending any money. He is getting home cooked meal, no cake and no gifts. He's gonna have a blast ;).

Oh, don't say I didn't warn you . We have decided to take over Vegas for a weekend or a week (depends) in March of 2008. By we I mean me and my girls, Dolly and Awesta. I am trying to bring Saritha to the dark side too so let's see. I told Dolls, we should start planning only in January but man, I can start shopping for the trip right now ;).

Note to self: You have 3 months to do those darn crunches and get that fat belly back in shape.

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Dolly Patel said...

March can't come soon enough! lol