Dec 14, 2007

India Trip - Bodinayakanur

Bodi (short for Bodinayakanur) is Prabu's parents and grand parents place. This is where they grew up. Prabu's paternal grandma lives there still and so do all of Prabu's aunts from his mother's side. So we visited Bodi for 2 days. We took a train from Mangalore to Coimbatore. Had breakfast in Prabu's cousin Meena Akka's place and then headed off to Bodi in a car. V loved the over night train ride. The second we entered into the complex where Meena akka's family lives, I thought I entered into a town house complex in New Jersey or something. It had 2 security gates and the whole community was so quiet and peaceful and not to forget beautiful :). Here is Meena Akka, her husband Siddharthan, and her kids Divya and Keerthi.

My main reason to go to Bodi was to show V to Prabu's grand mother. She is 90 some years old and has bad memory but I still wanted her to see him. V will not remember this trip so I got pictures of him with her so I can tell him about her. Here is V with his great-grandmother, grand father and dad. I love this picture.

Bodi is a small town where people are so friendly and lively. They are very orthodox in certain aspects and follow traditions to the T but the love and affection they show makes up for it.

V loved the place and the people. He wanted to stay on the road all day and watch the dogs, the bullock-carts and any other animal and/or bird that passed by.

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