Dec 18, 2007

India - My opinions

All you hear now a days is how much India's economy is booming and blah blah and blah. But no one tells you about the traffic, the population, the accidents, and so on...

I grew up in a small town in India. I am sure you have heard me mention Kadapa like a million times. It was a small town then and I knew everyone and everyone knew who I was. I grew up not knowing anything about city traffic and pollution and such. I was happy in my small world. Then I came to US and it became my home. Now I love it here. So for me to go back to India for visits feels very weird and strange. I do get, "Oh come on, you were born and brought up here, you are acting like you never knew traffic in India." Honestly, I didn't. Where I grew up and when I was growing up, I drove my bike to school and home and wherever I needed to without having to worry about my life. Yes, people died in traffic accidents and such but it wasn't this common. So now to go back the traffic scares me.

There are certain things you get to see now a days that you didn't back in the day. Now couples hold hands while shopping or walking down the road. It brings a smile to my face when I see couples walking hand in hand. For me it says they are in love. You could call me cheesy but do you see yourself holding hands of your significant other when you are mad or upset with them. I think it's cute :).Tad bit of public displays of affection adds a zing into your life;). Don't ya think!

Oh the money! Kids graduating out of college are making enough money that they don't mind buying a pair of Gucci glasses or a Prada purse. Their motto is very simple. Live your life right now. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? They are young ( I am too but still like saying that) and they want to enjoy. Don't put them aside thinking they don't know how to save. Surprisingly the kids I have seen know how to enjoy and save, which is good.

The life of a stay at home, working at home or even working out of home wives/moms is tad bit easier there than here. I have seen everyone having a maid, nanny and a laundry lady who does stuff. Some even have cooks who come in and make meals. I know what you are thinking, grass is always greener on the other side :). And the second I came home, I knew grass on my side is much greener and is shining brighter waiting for me :).

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Anonymous said...

For god's sake stop saying "a tad bit"! It's either "a tad" or "a bit" - not both!