Dec 11, 2007

India Trip - Tirupathi

We drove down from Chennai to Tirupathi. It was a 4 hour drive. V had his head-shaving ceremony there. Mom, dad and Chaitu came down from Hyderabad. As the maternal uncle Chaitu had the privilege of having V sit in his lap for the shaving and boy was Chaitu pissed. The guy who shaved V did a good job over all but since V was moving a lot, he got couple of cuts. Natarajan Anna, Seenu mama held him tight too but still he was moving a lot. After the deed was done Chaitu told me that if I ever decide to have another kid and do decide to do this all over again, not to call him because he doesn't want any part in making kids cry. Hahaha. Traditions are not all easy-rides my brother. Prabu's side of the family actually have ear-piercing and head shaving for even boys. We opted out of the ear-piercing.

Here is V clean shaven :)

Tirupathi has Sr Venkateswara 's ( or Balaji as called by some) temple which is visited by some hundreds of thousands of devotees every day. This god's income per day goes beyond millions of rupees. This is one of the over-rated temples where you have to be actually scared and careful as to not get killed in a stampede while trying to get a glimpse of the god.

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