Dec 20, 2007

What defines you?

I had an interesting conversation with someone in India. She also works from home and has a 16 month old. She said after her daughter was born, she realized that her daughter is very precious to her but her career is what defines her, so she went back to working from home. She has a nanny who comes in to take care of her daughter, a cook, a maid for doing dishes, cleaning the house and laundry. Her husband takes complete care of their daughter at night and weekends because she needs a break. I almost said can we switch places ;) but then realized I have it better(I always do;)). She asked me if I felt the same way and if that's the reason I went back to work. My answer to her was a simple, "No I don't feel that way", but I knew I wanted to say more.

Through out the trip, I thought about her question. I have a job, it's not my career. If I were to be a Chef, I would have called it my career. And even then I don't think I would have let it define me. This is me: neither my son, nor my work will define me. My kid is gonna go off to college in 18 years with a wave good bye and I will be retiring in 20 to 30 years. If I let these 2 define me now, I will be staring at an empty wall in an asylum on my 60th birthday ;).


Lakshmi said...

Wow Souju,
Well said. U'r 101% right. Neither ur kids nor ur career can define a person. in my view, our charater, our inner soul defines us. i enjoy my little niece's amateur writings.
Wish u luck in the coming NewYear nd years to come.

Dolly Patel said...

Agreed, girl. Nothing can really define us cept ourselves and our experiences we share with our friends and families, career, and general living. Well said !! :)