Dec 11, 2007

India Trip - Chennai

Not knowing how V would react to the relatives and new place and all, before leaving we told amma and appa (Prabu's parents)to not feel bad if he doesn't come to them or to anyone immediately but he proved us wrong. The second he saw them, he jumped out of my hands into Amma's hands.

It wasn't a smooth ride all over. We landed on the 6th and V got an ear infection on the 8th with high fever. Rushed him to the doctor there and he put him on tylenol and some antibiotics. We celebrated diwali on the 9th. I thought he would be afraid of the fire works but he was so excited to see them and wanted to lit up few himself;).

Here is Nandu(Ananditha)

Me trying to lit up a few;)

More pictures here.

Amma and appa arranged a get together/party for his birthday on the 10th. Even though he was sick he still was in good mood and went to everyone and played with all the balloons and decorations.

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