Oct 5, 2007

A car is a car is a car

My Chauffeur is away for the weekend. I decided to rent me a car for today and tomorrow (Sunday is day of rest ;)). And boy does it feel good to drive after a while. The sense of freedom and independence you get while driving is just…hmmm…. Something you have to experience on your own. No, I am not crazy. Driving is a feel good thing for me like cooking. Well, I have one more day to enjoy it before I get shoved into the passenger seat of a 5 speed car (Whoever made those stupid a-yes-yes manual cars?).

I went shopping for me today all by myself. You see my aunt gave me some money before I left Jersey and told me to spend it on myself ;)( no you cannot have her. She is all mine ). So I bought couple of things. I hate clothes this season. The material, the cut, yuck. I am usually walk-in, pick-up, get-out of the store kind of girl. So I hate when I have to go to 20 different stores to find one piece that I like. After that, I took mom, dad and V out for a drive. V got so excited getting into the car. He kept laughing all the way. Then picked up dinner and now I am writing it up. So what you guys up to this weekend?

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Dolly said...

Well, I went out with Awesta on Friday..Saturday night had a birthday party to go to...and Sunday just ran errands and did some chores. :)