Oct 6, 2007

Deja Vu

Seriously. I felt like I was in Kadapa today. Because that's the only place I lived where there was water problem. I woke up today to find out that they shut down water supply for our apartment (this is the second time this happened in 2 months). We had 1/2 bucket of water to use for emergencies and washing our face and stuff. I called the apartment emergency and the really nice lady says, "Maam, someone vandalized the water pipes yesterday and we have someone working on it. Unfortunately I cannot tell when it will be restored." AT that point I was hoping this was just a dream and I am going to wake up any time soon :).

Around 10.30 am, I call again to be notified that they are not going to open the water pipes till 3 in the afternoon. Alrighty then. So I pack everyone up and take them to the mall because we couldn't even use bathroom in our house. We walked around the mall. V was being his cute self and grabbing compliments from strangers. It was a nice day out. We did some grocery shopping on the way back. Finally we see water at 3 as they promised. I just realized, Prabu missed last water pipe issue and today's issue. Any ideas on how to take revenge on that guy?

After a nice long hot bath, I wanted to cash in as much as I can about the fact that I have a car till tomorrow morning. I went and ran some errands. And once home, it was cooking time:) Before I sign off, here is V in his fall clothes. It's starting to get little windy , so we put him in pants and full sleeves.

And here is him showing me where the fan is in his favorite onesie;).

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