Oct 4, 2007

Top Chef

Bravo Tv has this show. It was third season and I was totally hooked. I can not believe I didn't watch first 2 season ( Why didn't I have Bravo in Jersey...hmmmmm). The premise is simple. Pick a top chef from 15 chefs. Good stuff.

Mr. Hung won the title and all hell fell lose. People are biyaching about how Hung doesn't deserve the win because he doesn't cook with "soul and heart". That's the funniest thing I have heard in a while. You go to a restaurant and order steak. Do you say, "Dang! that steak is so tender and juicy" or do you say "I don't see any heart or soul of the chef in it". Phulease.

This kid works as a sous chef at Guy Savoy. That is a big deal to start with and he was good. I hated his arrogance and attitude but I think i could totally see where he is coming from. When you get good at something, you get defensive and arrogant about it. Oh believe me you, we all do it :). Whether it be cooking, programming or even painting. Nothing wrong in saying, I am good.

Phew! Rant over. Had to get it out of the system. Now I am going to go see how to make that darn le Cirque's fish dish so I can cook it soon.

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Jaydeep said...

Hey Sow,

I can't believe you didn't have Bravo. I love Top Chef, it's very interesting concept. Last season the opposite happened. The arrogant cook didn't make it and the lovable Guy made it.