Oct 25, 2007

First Fever

Hey gotta record first time of everything. V had fever 2 days ago. It came down quiet a bit and he is doing good. Looks like fevers increase immunity. Good for him. We saw the doctor today and she siad he is doing great. She did think he needs to gain alittle more weight. So we ar egonna start him on cheese avaocadoes and even yogurt and eggs. Not a bad diet;).

Babbi and Julie are coming over this weekend. I got invited to a "jewelery party". Oh don't ask. Will fill in later on that if I do decide to go as I am not a big fan of companies where they say, "God made me do this." Oh phuulease!

Packing is getting done one by one. I just have to start making more lists:).

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Dolly said...

So, did u go to the jewelery party? If so, how was it...