Oct 22, 2007

Must pick one

I had too many titles and ideas for posts in my head. I cannot seem to put anything down now. Some of them were:

- "Why do I love thee?" : About my love for Prabu not another V post ;)
- "Because I got them!" : My answer to mom's "I noticed you are wearing deep neck tops recently"

and a million other's.

Work has been good. Not too lazy, not too busy. Just right :). I did some shopping therapy. I finally have enough tops to wear 2 weeks straight without repeating. My goal is to go straight for a month without repeating.

V is getting ready to walk. He takes exactly 2 steps without holding anything. He is also getting big and loud. He got his first real time last week. What's a mom got to do when your son spits the food he is eating and laughs? It's so hard to be serious with him sometimes. He gives this naughty smile and goes all cute on me. I struggle to keep a straight face and be serious. I am learning:).

Here is him sleeping on the carpet in the living room in the middle of playing.


Dolly said...

Deep neck sweaters? LOL showing some skin r we...LOL

Sowjanya Yinti said...

Girl, It's flipping Arizona. I still have AC on and I got pregnancy weight. All this put together = deep neck tops and a desi mommy ;)