Oct 15, 2007

Tale of two cups

When Leela was V's age, Madhu would get her whole lunch/dinner broken down into 2 different rices and in 2 different cups at the same time. That way the second she is done with one, we can move on to the next rice without giving a break. I used to think, man she has to wash 2 extra dishes. LOL. Little did I know, here comes my tiny terror with his two cups and washing those extra tiny cups is not a problem anymore.

I mix rasam rice in one and a vegetable rice in the other. The thing is, if I just do it one cup - one rice: It's too boring for him. My man needs variety (and spicy). And he cannot wait for me to go mix the next round. He gets too hungry within that 10 seconds. So we sit with both cups. Oh! I so feel for Madhu now :). True, wait till you become a parent to know the real deal. Till then, just enjoy your nephews and nieces and hand them to their parents at the end of the evening. That's more fun ;).

Here are some pictures mom took today of V helping us pack for India
. Never mind my messy room :).

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